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Welcome to the Leycroft Local Academy Council Page.

Members of the Leycroft Local Academy Council (LAC)

Patrick Jones -Headteacher

Paddy is delighted to be the Headteacher at Leycroft Academy and honoured to be able to serve our students and our community. Paddy has spent the last 17 years working in SEND provisions and has worked in three different special school provisions across Birmingham and Shropshire. Paddy began his journey in 2007 as a Teaching Assistant, and since then has held a number of management and senior leadership roles that have brought him to his current position as headteacher here at Leycroft.

Paddy has found his career to date incredibly enjoyable and he has been fortunate to work with some inspirational children, parents and colleagues along the way.  Paddy believes passionately in the transformative power of education to change students’ lives and our society. Paddy will continue to strive to ensure that Leycroft students have the best possible opportunities and leave us with the knowledge and skills they need to lead happy and successful lives. Paddy’s own education has enabled him to achieve his goal of becoming a Headteacher. As a member of the Local Academy Council Paddy will ensure that we lead Leycroft Academy forward so that all of our students can achieve their full potential and leave us looking forward to an aspirational future.

 Chair: Christopher Pullen

Initially completing 12 years’ service in the British Army, Chris has  gone on to build a wide and varied business career. This has included being Chief Executive of some large organisations and Chair of others. Chris is very much looking forward to sharing his experience and supporting the great work that the school does

Diane Smith

Diane wanted to become a LAC member and believes she can be a good representative for her colleagues with her knowledge of the school . Diane has an interest in the direction of the school and wants to be part of any significant developments for the future as well as being involved in the day to day.  

Zoe Redding

Zoe is a parent of two teenagers and an experienced teacher of 5 years who comes with a wealth of experience, with a drive to help make life easier and positive for all. Zoe looks forward to working with everyone to bring out positive outcomes for all. 

Anneka Anwar

Lara Khan

Lara is a mother of one with experience in many fields such as health and social care, recruitment, education and customer services. Her educational field specialised in psychology and she aims to share her experiences and knowledge to support the development of the school. Lara has previous experience in supporting children with additional needs. She also has a passion for supporting young people and believes in giving all young people the best possible start in life. As a LAC member, Lara looks forward to using her expertise to aid the growth of Leycroft Academy. Her passion for education and her growth mindset will aid in producing beneficial results for the school.

Leycroft Academy LAC Attendance table 2022-23

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